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Welcome to the exploration of the link between Body and Psyche ! 

As an Anthropologist and Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy I have specialised in freeing and re-establishing the often blocked connections between
Body and Psyche.

Whenever the free flow of energy between those
systems is stuck or blocked, we feel ill, weak
and / or helpless.

These energy blockages are the result of demanding
and challenging life experiences which we notice on 
many levels, within the body, the mind and emotionally.

Working together we choose the best way to unlock the path to fulfil your potential levels of energy, happiness and quality of life.

What Clients say about it:

"Thank you so much ... NARM opened an new dimension for me."

"I jubliated our time together and the enormous result."

"I gave her/it a try. Happy I did."

"Such an incredible work. Deep changes. Joy!"

"Learning how this nervous system actually works? What a great journey of discovery!"

"For the first time I felt welcome, cared and held. Awsome."



The rediscovery of and reconnection to the body as a healing resource by the means of 

• Body orientated Psychotherapy

Body Orientated Psychotherapy is based on the interaction of body and psyche, where psyche means both soul and mind. 

As we grow up, we go through phases of development, both physical and mental during which we learn inner and outer postures that are a response to our experiences during those times. Each of these affects the other, so that the results of past experiences shape things yet to be experienced.

Common usage sayings reflect a lot of these phenomena, e.g.
Has life become a series of knee jerks?
Is jumping up and down what you do, or those around you?
Are you running in ever decreasing circles?
Are you bowed down by pressure?
Does everything get you down?
Can't you hold it together anymore? 
Do you think that "pulling together" is in the wrong direction? etc.

How does it work?

Body Orientated Psychotherapy is primarily a conversational-based psychotherapy in a face-to-face setting. A session lasts 60 minutes once or twice a week. By using body exercises, according to the psychodynamics of the client, there is a choice to go backwards or forwards (regression or progression) so that old or new ways to feel and express emotions can be sought or discovered. These experiences can be felt, expressed and explored further in a safe environment. The integration of those experiences, physical, emotional and mental within the person is a main purpose of the therapeutic process.

Body Orientated Psychotherapy can also be used to increase the ability to discern between experiences which are purely sensory, emotional or intellectual in order to better understand the perception vs. the reality of the here-and-now.

The awareness of the actual moment is the basis for the possibility of choice and change.


• Body Orientated Trauma Therapy

   Somatic Experiencing (SE)® by Peter Levine

"Trauma sits in the body, not the mind. Whenever excess energy which built up during a traumatic event cannot be released afterwards it stays bound within the nervous system and can have devastating effects on the body and mind." 

Based on the method "Somatic Experiencing" by Peter Levine, we activate the self-regulatory abilities of the nervous system. Therapeutically, this “instinct to heal” and self-regulate is engaged through the awareness of body sensations that contradict those of paralysis and helplessness, and which restore resilience, equilibrium and wholeness.

This method is very effective with stress, burnout, fear, post operations, accidents, attacks, experience of natural disasters, recurring nightmares, flashbacks and other life experiences where survival did not seem possible.  

Sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes depending on topic and need.


   NeuroAffecive Relational Model (NARM)™ by Dr. Larry Heller

A mindfulness based, ressource oriented way of working with and through those survival patterns early neglect, abuse and other traumatizing early life events created in the mind-body system. Focussing on those parts which are organised and functioning and integrating the "frozen" parts allows a reregulation of our grown nervous systems which can then get into contact with the world as it is, not as it was. The book "Healing Developmental Trauma" by Dr. Laurence Heller describes in detail how five basic developmental themes (Connection, Attunement, Trust, Autonomy, Love/Sexuality) and their fulfillment influence our ability to live a full life where we are in contact with ourselves and others.

Sessions last between 60 minutes depending on topic and need.


Getting back in the flow! Unleashing blocked energy, using Energy Psychology methods

• EFT® / Emotional Freedom techniques of meridien tapping as a quick and effective way to help yourself and others, especially against anxiety, panic and phobias 
(Courses, single sessions, phone & internet sessions)

• Matrix Energetics® - Solutions within the Quantum realm
(Single sessions and remote healings)


Discovery and setting free of bound life and love energy within family systems through constellation work (see Hellinger & Satir)

(Groups in English by request)


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